29 Jul / 2019

Introducing The Nicer Dicer – A Revolutionary Way To Slice & Chop Your Veggies!

If you are looking for ways to envisage a healthy lifestyle then the nicer dicer delivers! Creating dishes such as stirfries, salads and tasty veggie meals. In one press, the nicer dicer transforms humble potatoes into wedges. It has never been easier to create healthy, nutritious meals in minutes. Not only is this a healthy must, but it also allows you to save money.

Often healthy, prepackaged meals are costly whilst struggling to remain tasty and fresh. This handy kitchen gadget takes the hassle out of these stresses. This high-end gadget has been made from GNOX steel which means you can do away with knives and chopping boards.

The Nicer Dicer offers a state of the art alternative to chopping, dicing and cutting vegetable and fruit with ease. Easily prepare tasty meals which are healthy and are visually appealing too! With 7 accessories included, allowing you to cut veg just how you want to!

One of Kitchen Heroes UK’s best selling kitchen gadgets, the Nicer Dicer offers excellent potential when it comes to creating a variety of meals with ease. Within modern-day lifestyles, time is certainly of the essence! The Nicer Dicer chops and cuts within a matter of seconds!

Each of the three blades included is extremely sharp which allow veggies to be chopped in up to 4 different styles. From battons to wedges, this fabulous kitchen aid is a must-have for anyone looking to create dishes to be proud of!

Why You Should Consider Adding The Nicer Dicer To Your Kitchen Gadgets;

Slice, dice, chop and even create wedges in one second
Chop right into the bowl, pot or pan
No more knives and chopping boards to clean
Three blades with four ways to cut
Specially-designed container with lid
Slice and store or take away
Super-sharp blades that are easy to clean
Not suitable for harder vegetables such as carrots.

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